• mesh back with PP frame. back cushion with tilting function.

    RS-105 TG

  • RS-105TGA

  • all mesh chair with two function mechanism.  Adjustable arm with PU pad.

    RS-109MH FGA
    RS-109MH FGA

  • all mesh computer chair. Back cushion with tilting function.

    RS-109MH TGA
    RS-109MH TGA

  • RS-118GA

  • RS-119MH SGA plus
    RS-119MH SGA plus

  • New

    RS-119MH SGA
    RS-119MH SGA

  • RS-120H SGA
    RS-120H SGA

  • RS-131 SGA
    RS-131 SGA

  • RS-132MH SGA
    RS-132MH SGA

  • RS-135MH SGA
    RS-135MH SGA

  • RS-136MH SGA
    RS-136MH SGA

  • RS-136H SGA
    RS-136H SGA

  • RS-143H SGA
    RS-143H SGA

  • RS-144 SGA
    RS-144 SGA

  • RS-158 TGA
    RS-158 TGA

  • RS-160MH SGA
    RS-160MH SGA

  • RS-165DGA

  • RS-161MH SGA
    RS-161MH SGA

  • RS-169 SGA
    RS-169 SGA

  • RS-170 TGA
    RS-170 TGA

  • RS-170M TGA
    RS-170M TGA