LED Daytime Running Lights Series
Description: Golden Yellow Halogen Light, Best Solution for Poor Weather Condition, High Performance 100W 12V, Plug and Play Installation.


  1. Extreme power LED DRL bulbs
  2. A Set of Two Bulbs, 6500K Brilliant White Color, Over 3600 Lumens Per Bulb, Unique Heat-Sink White Color Painting, Dual Stages Design. Runs Half Power for Daytime Running Light (DRL). MTEC 10W High Power LED Daytime Running Light not only function as DRL but also as Position Light. When the headlamps are turned on, the DRL will automatically changes its function as position light, which reduces 90% lighting and save 90% power. The MTEC DRL proudly uses GENUINE CREE LED Chip.
  3. 9-36V suitable for cars, SUVs, and trucks.
  4. ECE R87 Daytime Running Lights (ECE Approved).
  5. Aluminum alloy housing with harden PC lens.
  6. Free-form reflector.
  7. Ten 1W genuine cree high power LED with total of 10W.
  8. Mounting brackets and wiring harness are included.
  9. Brightest in the market.