Credit card size magnfiier with PVC protective case.
NO: E-004A
Specifications: 85 x 54mm
Description: Magnifier is small enough to fit in your wallet and lightweight enough to carry all the time! It's ideal for reading fine print including maps and men

  • ►French Physicist Fresnel made the 1st lighter and thinner lens to replace the heavy glass lens for lighthouse in 1823. 
  • ►Eurofan changed the Fresnel Lens into 0.4mm thickness in different sizes for the special purpose and reading assistance.

♦ All products are made and printed in Taiwan with Taiwan Origin under 24 years production experience by Eurofan.


1. Ultra-thin credit card size magnifier with 3X magnifying power.

2. size 85 x 54mm  with 0.4mm thickness , easy to carry or insert into  wallet or any pocket.

3.Made of Optical Level PVC material to ensure the best magnifying purpose.

4.It is great for reading small print newspaper, books, maps, restaurant manual and so on.

5. Each can be bent slightly or dropped with no damages to the lens.

6. Each can be printed with selected body color in Pantone, added with client's logo or promotional text for giveaway purpose.

7.Max logo printing area 75 x 23mm on lens.

8 Each one is loaded into one PVC clear bag.


Key Benefit:


1. Cheap in Price for daily usage.

2. Prompt delivery.

3. Small Quantity available.

4. Client's design printing.

5.Great Business result.

6.different shapes for option.

7.Door to door dispatching service under requerst.




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