customized flat magnifier in various shape and size
NO: custom-made lens
Specifications: client's specification.
Description: We can make the Fresnel card based on client's shape and design.


►French Physicist Fresnel made the 1st lighter and thinner lens to replace the heavy glass lens for lighthouse in 1823. 
►Eurofan changed the Fresnel Lens into 0.4mm thickness in different sizes for the special purpose and reading assistance.
♦ All products are made and printed in Taiwan with Taiwan Origin under 24 years production experience by Eurofan.


We are always asked to make some special shape and size of Flat Magnifiers for special purpose. Using our existing models with slight amandment ,  we hit the target successfully and satisfy the clients greatly.


If you have this request, please e-mail us the size and sketch, we are glad to make it for you. Please write to us by the e-mail:


Some specimen are attached for your reference.

Triangle type


dia 87mm
Dia 87mm


Flat magnifier with handle


client's design shape and print








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