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Oli-Fast Fasteners(Tianjin) Co., Ltd. specializes in Industrial & Construction Nails & Staples. Our products are mainly exported to EU, North America, South America, South Africa, etc.

Our products are used for furniture, construction, engineering and fabrication industries as well as the DIY users. 

As a professional China fasteners supplier, we can provide:

- Staples

a. Fine wire staples

b. Medium wire staples

c. Heavy wire staples

d. Carton closing staples
- Finish Nail & Brad Nail

a. 16ga Brads

b. 18ga Brads

c. 23ga Brads
- Coil Nails

a. 15° wire collated

b. 0° plastic collated
- C Ring & D Ring

a. Hr 23

b. Hr22
- Wire Bands

0.67mm~1.8mm wire
- Pneumatic Tools


Contact us via:

E-mail: olifast@hotmail.com

Tel&Fax: +86 22 6826 3369