Super Large Acrylic Aquarium-Aquarium Engineering-Ecological Show

Calculate the weight pressure per unit area from the building structure. The water pressure is about 2 meters. The unit pressure per unit area is about [6500Kg], and its safe load factor is about-[6500Kg × 3]. The weight pressure per unit area must be about 20,000 Kg, so the entire structure must be strengthened. It is the safest and most beautiful way to use wall partitions, beams, and columns at the bottom as supports, or to wrap beams and columns.
The sink structure should consider the weight distribution and tensile strength. The cement and steel beam structure should be controlled in the minimum space and maximum strength. And the hydropower pipeline must be well-embedded in advance: inlet and outlet pipes, creating turbulent flow, regularly changing water flow, regularly flushing the bottom, draining sewage, automatically replenishing water, etc. are the basic conditions for successful fish farming, and the design of the water flow pipeline is bound to fail.

Regarding the waterproofing of the water tank, the marine non-toxic SUMIRAMNETU waterproof construction should be used. SUMIRAMNETU is a glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester FRS, which has high waterproof surface strength and high mechanical strength. It has independent and complete cracks on the RC structure. Waterproof performance. Completely non-toxic, no need to soak to detoxify.












































































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