Specifications: 300cm*200cm -850cm*320cm
Description: This landscape fish pond is a special thick plate acrylic board that cuts the front view of the RC structure of the water tank into the water tank. Sc

Plexiglas is one of the most valuable and versatile plastic products in the world. It can have many different features and facades. It has high transparency, light diffusion, spotlight, screen display, thermal reflection, thermal isolation, sound reflection or damage prevention and antifouling. Plexiglas can make all kinds of ideas or ideas come true. Pioneering projects are needed for pioneering projects in various fields. In addition, Plexiglas is also used in solar panels, mainly due to its good energy conversion efficiency and good characteristics that do not turn yellow under solar radiation. In the automotive industry, Plexiglas can make cars lighter. In addition, it can reduce the cost of using air conditioning equipment due to its good heat reflection characteristics.
Because Plexiglas has good weather resistance and transparency characteristics, projects using it will be more durable. This feature also makes Plexiglas ideal for outdoor projects. Like other plastic products, Plexiglas does not age after a long time. It can maintain a crystal-like translucent after years of use, Just like when using on the first day. Due to the abrasion resistance of the surface, Plexiglas can ensure that bulky components still look bright even after years of use. Elegance, gloss and color stability are the three main characteristics of Plexiglas. Thanks to these characteristics, Plexiglas has been used in interior, information and design work and continues to inspire designers. Plexiglas products produced by the acrylic polymer business line are very diverse, including solid boards, multilayer boards, corrugated boards, transparent blocks, pipes, rods and molding compounds!



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