Skin Packaging Machine
Description: Skin Packaging Machine


1. This machine has quite similar function with vacuum shaping machine. Its used by the principle of heating press and directly packs the package.

2. Using film and cardboard to pack with package by vacuum suction. The
Package will be sandwiched between film and cardboard.

3. The packaging effect of skin packer is the same as vacuum blister shell. And Skin packaging machine is shaped with film tightly and directly attached to the package.

4. This machine can be quickly to make the film stick and shape with package on cardboard or bubble sheet.

5. It does not use the molds. Also make the costs down.

6. The heater box is fast heating and uniform temperature. It’s for safety, the heater box will be automatically return to original upright position when the power failure.

7. It’s clip the film by atmospheric pressure mode which can be time-saving and easy-to-use.

8. After finished the pack, the film can be cut by cutoff device.

9. Astigmatic, Low friction, damp-proof, dust-proof, and antirust. Protect

10. Very stable operations with low breakdown rate. Easy maintenance and repair.

11. Available film: EVA, PE, P.V.C, SURLYN


Specifications :

SP-655 & SP- 656

  1. Power: Depend on customer. 1 phase 200V/220V/230V/240V
  2. Packaging Area: 560 x 400mm  
  3. Film width: 600/610 mm
  4.  Vacuum pump: 1HP
  5. Machine size: 1350L x 1000W x 1250H mm
  6. Heat Power: 4.8/5.4 KW
  7. Temp control: By SSR
  8. Heating type: Electric heat
  9. Operation: by manual for SP-655. By Auto for SP-655



  1. Instead of vacuum shell packer to pack products such as electronic parts, glass and ceramic, hardware parts, accessories of automobile, toys, ornaments, daily-used products, gifts and other Items...etc.