SILICA GEL Desiccant
Specifications: GEL Desiccant
Description: SILICA GEL Desiccant

 SILICA GEL desiccant is a highly active sorbent which is synthesized by the reaction of sodium citrate (water glass) and sulfuric acid. Therefore, the silicone desiccant is a medium to weak acid desiccant product. It absorbs moisture by the physical principle of capillary pores, and its porous surface with a surface area of up to 700m2/g, and superior moisture absorption characteristics (especially under high humidity), naturally become a widely used desiccant in the market.

White silicone (with no cobalt chloride): Silicone is the most commonly used of all desiccants. Its chemical composition is amorphous form of SiO2. xH2O. Silicone has strong moisture absorption capacity, large moisture absorption capacity, does not swell after moisture absorption, and remains dry. It is non-toxic and non-corrosive. It is not only the FDA's only approved desiccant for direct contact with drugs

Electronics, mechanical parts, pharmaceuticals, motors, circuit boards, relays, communication devices, marine research equipment, photographic film, various instruments, photographic equipment, microscopes, telescopes, vitamins, optical devices, dry fuels and gunpowder, food Dried fruit.

1 g/ pack ,Dimensions: 50±3mm X30±3mm / pack, Packaging Materials: PET+LLDPE 

3 g/ pack ,Dimensions: 50±3mm X50±3mm / pack, Packaging Materials: PET+LLDPE 

5 g/ pack ,Dimensions: 50±3mm X65±3mm / pack, Packaging Materials: PET+LLDPE 

10g/ pack ,Dimensions: 75±3mm X60±3mm / pack, Packaging Materials: PET+LLDPE

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