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Silicone Rubber Insulation Tube
Specifications: 1.0mm ~ 10.0mm


Silicone rubber high temperature insulation sleeve is made by using high temperature to vulcanize silicone.

Silicone rubber high temperature insulated casing is widely used and assembled in most of the electrical machinery and electrical appliances to achieve the role of protection. 

Because of its thickness uniformity, it has a greater voltage insulation strength, a higher mechanical tensile strength, a better heat resistance, moisture resistance and durability.  



    The standard color is white and clear.  (the others can be customer's request)


Type  ( SR )    

    Two types are classified according to their wall thickness.

    Normal size : The following measurement standards are for your reference.

    Special size : To be made at customer's request.



    Total length 1000mm ±20mm. ( Continuous length may be negotiated )