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Heat Treatment Fiberglass Tube
Specifications: 1.0mm ~ 10.0mm


Heat-setting casing is made by weaving alkali-free glass fiber and dip it with a special chemical substance and then shape it with an appropriate temperature.

Heat-setting casing itself has a unique thermal resistance, and it brings its unique insulation and protection into full play especially at high tepmeratures. 

The casing is suitable for the equipment of special electrical machinery or suitable for general household electric heating system's wiring. 



The standard color is Brown.  ( Other colors please consult factory )



There is one model according to the degrees of temperature.

GS : For high temperature use.



Total length 1000mm ±20mm. ( Continuous length may be negotiated )


  Cutting feature

    When the tubing is cut, the crosscut will not get loose, but remain smooth.