MARUTA, New generation of enterprise identification published

Since 1988, APEX has established "MTEC", an automotive spare parts brand, and has cultivated the market for many years, gaining praise and appreciation from countless distributors and consumers. Today, we have entered a new generation and upgraded the value of "MTEC" and evolved the brand new "MARUTA" brand. At MARUTA, we hope to bring you a wide variety of products at affordable prices and unique designs. In order to realize such ideas, we are constantly innovating and seeking improvements in product design, raw material procurement, manufacturing, and operations throughout the world. ?

We know that if we want to provide customers with high-quality products, companies must effectively manage costs and use innovative manufacturing methods. This is also the belief that APEX has never changed since it started in Taiwan, the most effective use of resources, and the search for more economical, More efficient and creative automotive parts, reduce costs, and give back to everyone!

Thank you.

APEX Wang's Corporation