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Seven Color Jade Introduce

Colorful snake greenstone jade produced in Taiwan's Central Mountain rhyolite processing, is a unique product in Hualien, Taiwan region. Although serpentine ore in the world is not uncommon, but Taiwan serpentine rock hardness is containing with rich mineral metal and texture clear. Through experienced craftsmen processing, mineral inclusions in injection-type surface was red, blue, yellow, green and other colors gathered mutual intersection, color gorgeous, crystal gloss, colorful natural light and color effects, it is also known as the colorful jade vase.


Colorful jade vases and other types of works of art of the region to set up factories in Taiwan Hualien production. Engraved using artificial ground type. Taiwan colorful jade unique monochrome glaze dip again to a high temperature kiln technology. Colorful jade vase processing described Seiko doing fine ore cutting, car-shaped, grinding, polishing and other patented multi-channel processing technology, processing technology is superb and skillful, many of its patented technologies and special equipment are unique to the island of Taiwan, due to the each stone materials of different texture and mineral, natural color and texture of the final formation is not the same, each of Taiwan finished products are colorful jade is unique in the world. unique exquisite collection.